Nadine Broer

Nadine Broer

Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner


Nadine's special interest is Sports medicine and the treatment of Musculo-Skeletal conditions including Neck, Back pain and Sciatica.

Qualifications and Licences

  • Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture)
  • Advanced Studies Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University China 
  • Bachelor Health Science (Acupuncture)
  • Chinese Medicine Registration Board, Queensland Member – AHPRA, Practitioner number: CMR0001725487
  • Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA), Practitioner number: 1741

Nadine Broer is the Director, principle acupuncturist and founder of Nambour Chinese Medicine.

After being unwell in my younger years and continually being put on medications that never really addressed my problem, I decided that I should look into a solution for myself.  I read many natural medicine books and tried many remedies and therapies to alleviate my symptoms with some success. This is where my passion for natural medicine began.  I discovered the astonishing results of Acupuncture and Traditionl Chinese Medicine.  I then decided to study this ancient form of alternative medicine at Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM).  In addition, the offer of a semester abroad as an intern in one of the largest Chinese medicine hospitals in China did appeal to me. This experience helped me to diagnose and differentiate diseases and disorders according to both Chinese and contemporary medicine and to formulate an appropriate acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment plan.  My passion for helping people then lead me to establish Nambour Chinese Medicine some 14 years ago now. My thirst for knowledge did not stop there, I embarked on a Master of Acupuncture degree with the University of Western Sydney to upgrade my clinical, specialisation skills, and learn the pathways of research to participate in today's growing healthcare field.  



Alicia Pearse

Qualifications and Licenses

Adv Dip Acupuncture

BHSc Acupuncture

Adv TCM Studies, GXTCMU





Alicia will be joining the NCM team in 2018.

My introduction to acupuncture began during high school after several relapses of glandular fever for which I had unsuccessful back-to-back antibiotic treatments. I made an appointment with Nadine who treated me with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, and gave me Chinese dietary advice and within 3 weeks I felt healthier than I had in months! I was so intrigued by Traditional Chinese Medicine that I often made my way into the clinic to ask Nadine many questions about acupuncture and this lead me to study a Bachelor of Health Science at Endeavour College of Natural Health (ENCH, formerly ACNM.) While studying, I fostered a great interest in treating Women's Health and Gynaecological conditions such as cycle irregularity, period pain, fertility and pregnancy care. I personally had weekly treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum and obstetric sciatica and wish that all women could access TCM to assist with their pregnancies. During my internship in China, I saw the application of TCM in many different integrated settings, and witnessed how complementing modern medicine with ancient healing therapies creates a more supportive health care system. I hope to be able to bring this treatment diversity to my own clients and community.